Tuesday, October 09, 2007

How to Optimize your site Part 7

The most important aspect of effective SEO is to remember that "softly, softly catchy monkey", less is definately more. It is very important to do little and often rather that doing too much at once. . . . . . What exactly is "too much?" I hear you cry. . . . . as we have already discussed Google and the other major SE's operate by using a complex algorithm. This is basically a series of yes/no questions to your website, for example, how many links have been added in the past month, what is the link text of these links, what is the keyword density on each page, ...... etc. For each of these questions Google has a limit beyond which your site will be penalised.

Google is looking to provide useful search information to its customers, it is trying to organise all of the sites within its realm. It wants to see good high quality information on a site, with images and logos that are related to the site. It then looks to see which sites link to you and what those pages are all about as well as the link text. All of these factors add up to provide the position where you rank. If you add a limited quantity of high quality links, say less than 100 per month and do that every month using keyword text for your top three search terms on a rotation basis. Then assuming that the sites that you get the links from are themed along with your site then you will rank well.

Of course it might require more than that in order to rank in the top 5 but persistance and determination will succeed given time. Patience is a virtue.

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