Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Directory Submission

A lot is made of Directory Submission and Search Engine Submission in chat rooms and within various seo related forums. I am quite concerned for any unsuspecting customer who could quite easily get taken in by one of the thousands of sites that offers to sign you up to thousands of directories every month for a few pounds. It is often claimed that using such a "service" will promote the target site within the major search engine......... which is highly debateable.

Two main reasons prevent this service from being as much use as it appears;

1/. If your site was actually added to thousands of directories every month then your site would be removed from the main search engines as you would have tripped the main link volume filter operated but the majors.

2/. The shear volume of links they claim they will add implies that it is nothing more than a piece of software they will be using to submit your site automatically. The standard and quality of the links will be either very poor or terrible.

Ask yourselves this question " If this service works so well in promoting a website and moving it up the rankings in the major search engines.... where are the vendors ranking in Google?"

If they are in the top ten then have a look at exactly how they have achieved it. Just because a site is there today, don't immediately assume that they have been there for years or will be there in a years time. Some unscrupulous "Black Hat" seo's will happily cloak site after site in order to maintain a "permanent" presence even though it is with different sites. A cloaked site will not last very long at the top of competitive searches, The search engines will remove them as soon as they are found.... permanently. That will happen to your site too if you use their services, except that you wil have already paid them and they will be impossible to find.

Take time to choose your seo company carefully and you will be rewarded with long term growth, increased sales and a top ranking to be proud of.

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