Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Online Reputation Management

I'm back from my travels in the far east and yes it is indeed far.

I have been drawn to the latest seo bolt on service, namely Online Reputation Management or to put it another way, the art of making sure that bad news gets buried and lots of lovely good news rises to the top and masks the bad.

This prctice is increasingly being used not only my the rich and famous, but by the not so rich and the not so famous. It is increasingly normal these days to "Google" a new partner, business associate, colleague etc and as such if you are not careful you can soon find your reputation tainted through no fault of your own. In these inlightened times, the net is alive with information and with the rise in popularity of the blogging, facebook etc it is now easier than ever for any disgruntled client, customer, lover, journalist to paint a less that savoury picture of you.

This is where the top SEO companies such as ourselves come in. We can in some cases remove some of the unflattering material (although this is very difficult to do) and then we bombard your name with more suitable content, blogs, websites articles etc and then promote them into the top listings. This has the effect of pushing the unwanted material down the rankings onto the second or third page where it will do less harm to your reputation.

A search in Google for Kate Moss will show that she has recently had her name cleaned. As in the listings all of the more selatious stories about her are on the second and third pages and the top ten results are filled with only positive listings. In light of her recent news worthiness this would not be the case if the results were ranking completely naturally.

Google works in much the same way as the rest of the world in that bad news travels further than good news.

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