Thursday, July 10, 2008

PR Juice

 **UPDATED Nov 2014**

Google PR is far less relevant than it once was. Instead of focusing your efforts on creating high PR links, it is far more beneficial to your ranking efforts to focus on the categorization of the pages linking to your content. See for more information.

Having said that, Google PR is still a metric that has an influence, and is an overall indicator of the authority of the links pointing to the page. The higher PR relevant category pages you can build links on the better.

There is a lot spoken about PR Juice, how to get it, what it does and how it can help you, not all of it is useful information though.

The most important aspect of PR is that it is a tool used by Google to establish the value of a link from your site. Yes, it is a measure of your sites worth in the eyes of Google, but it alone will not improve your ranking. A PR 1 page can out rank a PR 7, but I would rather have the link from the PR 7 any day.

PR Juice is the effect that PR sites that link to you can have on your site. If you can get lots of PR 6 sites to link to you then you will gain from their PR Juice. This is for the simple reason that Google will see your site as being "recommended" by many "authority" sites. If you continue to collect links from established high value PR sites such as these, you too will become an "authority" site in the eyes of Google and that my friend is the power of PR Juice.

PR from a page is shared between the pages it links to, so a PR 7 with one external link passes most of that PR to the linked page, however, a PR 7 with 100 external links divides the PR7 between the 100 linked sites, severely reducing the influence the page has.

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