Sunday, November 15, 2009

Start Getting New Sales Leads for your Website & Beat the Recession

It is worth pointing out here at the beginning that I do not sell SEO (Search Engine Optimization), what I sell is website traffic, high quality website traffic that works for my clients. How that traffic is actually achieved is in reality of little importance to my clients.

Too many people are hung up selling their service when they would be far more successful selling the results of that service. People don't want to diet plan, they want to look and feel good. People don't want 18 inch thich roof insulation, they want small heating bills etc

As "Walls" once advertised, sell the sizzle not the sausage.

If you want to create more sales leads, then solve more problems for your customers. We are all in the problem solving business, the key to success is to sell the solution, not the product.
Once you have defined your solution and the target demographic likely to suffer from the problem that you can fix, you will need to get in front of them. Preferably masses of them, preferably when they are ready to buy, with their cash in their hand.....

So where do these prospects live? Where do they hide? Where do they go when they are looking to buy your problem solving solution? More and more the answer is online....

Google dominates the search market which is where over 80% of people online find the things that they are going to buy. Yes, there are a large number of "windowshoppers" as well, but if you set yourself up properly then you will capture all of the window shoppers email addresses so that you can sell to them at a later date. After all, they are at the very least a "Warm" lead if they are looking for your solution in the first place.

Google operates by ranking websites in order of perceived importance, based upon two things, "on-page" information and "off-page" information. The "on-page" information includes all of the written content on your pages as well as page title, alt text, meta data, page headings, image names, etc

The "off-page" information is a measure of your sites popularity, in simple terms Google looks around at how many other websites link to yours...... the site with the most links is the winner.
To get to the top of the rankings you will need to conduct "Due Diligance" with regard to the keywords that you want to rank for. It is a time consuming process getting to the top so you want to make sure that when you do achieve top rankings that you will be rewarded with lots of high quality traffic.

Next post will cover "Keyword Choice"

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