Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Facebook is FREE Advertising

Facebook is FREE Advertising

Using Facebook and other social networking sites such as Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn for marketing is a great way to get free traffic to your website or blog.

Apart for the time needed to make a few posts, it doesn't have to cost you anything to get in front of thousands of potential customers.

It is important to treat those prospects right though, as social media is not the same as some traditional forms of advertising.

If you are looking to generate new business and need additional sales channels, then Facebook, Google+ and Twitter might just be the channels that you need to succeed.

You of course need to set your accounts up, and manage them correctly in order to get the maximum benefit from your efforts. There are some great suggestions HERE which will get you started on the right path.

You can also find out more here as well.

Facebook is here to stay and even though some people are keen to resist it, it can be a useful tool if correctly used.

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