Monday, November 19, 2012

Making Money from your Blog

How easy is it to actually make money from a blog?

What is involved in the process?

What do you need to do in order to be successful?

These are questions that we get asked time and time again. Millions of people fail to get their blogs off the ground because they don't understand what they need to do to succeed.

Blogging isn't any different to any other method of generating money, all it requires is a little know how, and lots of time patience and persistence. If you have a blog and want to turn it into a money spinning enterprise, you need to know what you should be doing in order to make that happen.

The vast majority of people who make a start fall at the first hurdle, which is 'consistency'.

Here's how it goes;

You have something to say about a particular niche, subject etc, so you create a blog and for the first few days you publish some great content.

By the end of the first week you are struggling for things to say, so your posting frequency begins to drop off before you have really gotten started. The major search engines never establish a pattern for your posting, so don't visit you very often, so your site doesn't get many visitors.

This makes you more despondent and you end up either stopping completely, or posting on a random cycle that doesn't do anything to encourage visits from either real people of search engines.

...And so your blog fails.

How you should Blog

If instead you had a working template of things you need to do, then you would stand a much better chance of success.

All the steps you need to succeed, written down in front of you for you to follow, with further information on each step if you need it.

Blogging is just a case of keeping on keeping on ans Winston Churchill used to say.

The No.1 biggest reason for failure is that people don't get instant results and so quit.

Being realistic, from your starting point, it is going to take you 6 months of posting daily before you begin to get some decent traffic numbers.

It sounds like a long time, but that initial 6 months is the most important time in your blogs life, and will determine success or failure. If you are prepared to put in the initial work then you will build a blog that will make you money.

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