Tuesday, April 09, 2013

E-Commerce Electronic Vaporizer Website Launched

Deeho Design, the Bedford based web design agency recently launched a new client site www.electroniccigarettevaporizers.com built at the clients request on a WooCommerce platform. The WooCommerce structure gives the website owner easy control of sales, product control, stock management and because it is such a widely used platform, offers considerable ongoing support from any web designer familiar with using WooCommerce.

The brief for the site was to create a simple, easy to navigate ecommerce site that would load quickly, be reliable as well as being attractive.

Our client has all the control that they need for their website, being able to easily edit products, page content, descriptions, as well as the all important SEO elements that make their new website work for them.

As a new business, getting found online by visitors looking for electronic cigarettes and vaporizer devices was very important to them and so it was natural for them to turn to our proven SEO Consultants to optimise their content for search.

After just one week live, the site is already attracting around 50 hits per day, and is already making online sales. Our client was keen to see a fast return on their investment and their new site is well on target to deliver an outstanding ROI for them in the months and years to come.

Deeho work with a variety of website platforms depending on our clients requirements, so we deliver the precise functionality that our clients need.

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