Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's the Best Way to Make Money Online

Best Ways to Make Money Online

There are so many opportunities to supposedly make money online, but which are the best? The ones that actually work, that are easy to operate, that don't require much capital to get started, that will make you money rather than cost you money...... we are asked these questions every day......


What is the Best way to make money online?

The first part of our answer is that it depends what you want to do. Do you want to earn some extra cash? Or Do you want to build your own online business?

Earning extra cash is relatively easy to do, you can advertise your skills on sites like,, or, which all allow you to find work such as data entry, content writing, and administration work or a per hour or per job basis.

If you want to break free of the rat race and start your own business, then you have two basic online options;
  1. Sell Products
  2. Sell Information

Make Money Online Sell Products

If you decide to sell products, a good starting point is eBay or Amazon as they both have large traffic volumes already in place to show your products to. The downside to selling products is that you will need to have some capital for stock and advertising, unless you opt for a 'dropshipping' business model, which typically has lower margins, but the benefit of not having any stock to hold.

Make Money Online Selling Information

They call this the information age, and that is exactly what it is. The internet is all about exchanging information, ideas, methods, etc.

Information is a very valuable commodity. Have you ever heard the expression "Knowledge is Power"?

People sell information in many ways, but one of the most affordable to get into is the world of blogging.

Blogs are big business. In our opinion, the best way to make money online is blogging.

There are millions of blogs covering millions of niches, and the truth is, most of them never make a penny.

But some of them.... they make millions, thousands more make hundreds of thousands a year, and then there are millions of others that make tens of thousands a year.

So what is the difference between the successful money making blogs and the million of unsuccessful blogs?

The answer to that is simple..... blog strategy.

Every successful blog has used the same or variations of the same strategy for blogging success.

They all started the same way, as one person in front of a computer with an idea and grew into million dollar or pound operations.

So how did they do it?

They follow a proven strategy that will work for anyone who has something to say.

Blog Success Strategy
  1. Find a Profitable Niche to Blog about
  2. Build a quality blog to a proven structure
  3. Add content on a schedule
  4. Promote that content
  5. Monetize the content
That is basically all there is to it!!

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