Monday, November 19, 2007

Good Links V Bad Links Part III

Now you know whaere you should be adding your links it is now important to concentrate your efforts on how your links are going to look. Are you going to have nice pretty banners flashing and flickering, or a picture of your corporate logo? Are you going to be vain or are you going to make each link that you get as powerful as possible?

We come back to basics here.......GOOGLE CAN ONLY READ WORDS........ it is rule number one and should not be overlooked ........... ever.

This means that yes, your links should be text links, forget images, logos, banners etc, you want to get a text link on to a Google ranked page. This link can be further inhanced by doing the following;

1/ Many people use the site URL as the link text ....... this is a waste of effort and a missed opportunity, it is vanity, trying to advertise which is not the primary purpose of your link.

The purpose of this link is to impress Google..... and the best way to do that is to use link text that is your chosen keyword.

Both of these links ultimately lead the visitor to the same site, but only the second one carries serious clout with Google and the other big SE's.

I wouldn't be vain and use the link as an advert, that is not why it is there. The traffic I might get from it on a link page buried within someones site is going to be very low anyway, so forget about that aspect of the link.

The sole purpose of this link is to be counted along with thousands of others in order to give me a top ten ranking within Google and that is where business is generated.

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