Sunday, November 18, 2007

Good Links V Bad Links

There are millions of sites with which you can exchange links, however, some caution must be used as in the words of George Orwell "not all links are equal."

It is vital that you try to get your links onto good quality sites. The reasons for this are simple, firstly, there is little point in getting a link on a site that Google does not rank if your goal is to rank at the top of Google. If the search engine does not know of the page that will contain your link then it will never count it as a "credit" in your favour so you will just be wasting your time by obtaining this link.

By first establishing that Google at least spiders the site then you can be sure that the link that they add pointing to your site will count in your favour. Secondly you are looking for sites that Google likes alot. These will have a page rank (PR) value, and obviously the higher the better where possible. The actual PR of the link page is of less importance than the index page of the site, which many people fail to appreciate. However it is important to check that the link page is ranked otherwise you will once again be wasting your time.

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