Saturday, January 12, 2008

How should you lay out your site? part 2

After the logo that you have already located in the top left you can continue your header across the page. If you want to add some flast this is a good place to put it, but remember that Goole and the other SE's will see no more than a white square.

You also need to add some navigation to your site. The simpler the navigation is the better. Google will struggle to follow java script links or clickable images and will also not know what the links "subject" is. If you use text then the links can be read and understood and the pages that you link to will benefit.

Once you have the navigation in place it is time to concentrate on the content for the site. Start with Heading tags. H1 to H6 are important tags and so you should use them whenever you can. You can adjust the size etc using your css style sheet so they do not need to be huge headings on the page. Make the heading tags your prime keywords so that they rank as well as they can.

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