Saturday, January 05, 2008

How to analyse a niche part 1

Before you attack a keyword armed with nothing more than enthusiasm and guts it is well worth having a good look at the competition that you are going to face. Top rankings in any niche are achievable if you do more than anyone else has done. The problem arises when you realise that the site that you want to beat is a PR 8, has 100,000 links, is in Dmoz, has existed since 1995 and has the dot com url that is perfect for the niche.............. how do you go about competing with such a site?......

The short answer is to pick battles that you can win...... and for the time being you can't win that one....... but if you work as hard as they did then in five years time your site may well be a worthy adversary to their crown.

If that example was the case for your niche then I would advise initially chasing traffic that you can realistically attain. It is important to walk before you can run, but while still keeping your eyes on the big picture.

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