Thursday, January 03, 2013

Starting a Successful Blog

How to Start a Successful Blog

If you are going to create a blog there are several things that you need to consider first so that your blog is fit for purpose and will attract lots of visitors.

You need to know the following;
  • How to choose the most profitable niche for your blog
  • How to select the best URL
  • How to set up blog hosting
  • How to install Wordpress and why it is the best blog platform to use
  • How to create your own blog design easily and cheaply
  • How to add functionality to save you time and money
  • How to create your blog posts
  • How to easily SEO your blog posts
  • How to find new topics to write about
  • How often should you post
  • How to promote your blog quickly and easily
  • How to make money from your blog
  • How to put your blog onto autopilot
  • .....and much more........

Setting up a Blog

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