Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Why you Should Ping your Blog

Why Should you Ping Your Blog

Blog Pinging is the process of telling the search engines that you have posted new content on your blog.

When you publish new content, you have two choices;
  1. Wait for the search engines to find your content
  2.  Tell the search engines that you have new content
If you post on a regular basis, then after a little while the search engines will get used to the frequency of your posts (as long as they like the post quality) and will revisit your blog naturally expecting to find fresh content.

Until you have established a frequency of posting, the search engines might not visit for weeks at a time, so you need to inform them of new content so that it is indexed as quickly as possible.

There are several Blog Pinging sites, some of which work better than others.

We tend to use two for each post that we publish
By submitting your blog to two pinging services you will be making sure that your blog is quickly indexed so it can start attracting traffic to your blog.

All you have to do to ping your blog is to add;
  • your blog name
  • your blog home page url
  • your blog RSS feed url
  • your email address (Google Ping only)
Each Blog Pinging service will report on the success of your pings.

Pinging your blog as soon as you post new content is a great habit to get into.

Even though some blogs 'automatically' ping your blog when you publish new content, you should still manually ping them your self because auto pinging is prone to errors.

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