Sunday, January 06, 2013

Why You Should Treat Your Blog Like a Business

Treat your Blog like a Business

Blogging is publishing, if you want to build a successful blog then you need to think of your blog as a publication and treat it as such.

Like any publication you should focus on delivering quality content, inspired by compelling headlines.

If you are to create a blog that performs as well as a print publication, you need to treat your blog like a business and use the same techniques that make traditional media successful.

Treat your blog like a business

Top Ten Blogging Rules;

  1. Develop a strict publishing schedule and stick to it. Traditional media publist to a timetable and you should also.

  2. Entice your readers with exciting headlines. Print media uses the front cover to encourage potential readers to make a purchase. You have 70 characters to make readers click on your post.

  3. Apply SEO to every post that you write. Effective SEO will deliver readers to your blog, so optimize every post.

  4. Write for your readers, not for yourself. Each of your blog posts should address the issues, problems, or challenges facing your readers and offer solutions to those issues.

  5. Use popular search terms as the core theme for your blog posts. Targeting your posts at real traffic flows is vital if you are going to build your readership. Anyone can rank well for search terms with no traffic.

  6. Have a promotion routine for each blog post that you write. Link to your post via social media, social bookmarking, guest posts, blog comments and make sure that you ping your blog after each posting.

  7. Track your progress with Google Analytics. The bounce rate of each post is a clear indication of the quality of your content.

  8. Monetize your blog posts with tightly targeted offers and products. Don't over sell on your blog, instead present suitable offers when appropriate.

  9. Build an email contact list for your subscribers. You 'list' is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can build. Once you have found people interested in your niche, you should stay in touch with them.

  10. Build traffic from different sources. If you generate traffic from many sources then you will insulate yourself and your blog if one of your sources should dry up for any reason.
If you follow these 10 blogging rules, then you will by default treat your blog like a business and as a consequence will develop a great resource that your readers love.

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