Monday, December 03, 2007

Hosting and SEO part 2

Frm the perspective of SEO it is far better to have your sites on as many different servers as possible. If you are a web designer or SEO company, then the advantages by far out weigh the drawbacks.

In addition to the benefits of linking from sites that are hosted on different servers, an additional bonus ids that once your sites are ranking well you can also sell advertising space to the same advertiser on different servers. Commonly the larger advertisers will not place adverts or banners on two sites on the same server. This is because the link value is diminished greatly. If you have multiple sites and have plans to optimize them then different servers offer far more advantages and significant revenue streams than hosting on a single server.

The small inconvenience of multiple hosting soon becomes inconsequential when each site can earn hundreds or in time thousands of Pounds annually.

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