Tuesday, December 11, 2007

SEO Strategies

With the end of 2007 looming, its time to think about next years seo strategy. To take stock of achievements to date and to decide what we want and need to achieve in 2008.

Now is the time to think about where you want to be in 12 months time, so efficient planning is vital.

Through effective keyword research it is possible to pinpoint where the major traffic for your business type is currently. From there you can fine tune your website so that it ranks for the terms with the best traffic.

Of course the minor hiccup with this is that the keywords with the most traffic are the hardest to rank for..... which is why SEO's like me exist. If you are chasing high traffic search terms then you need to be not only very well informed, but doggedly determined, persistant, ruthless and thorough. Most business people have their own business to run and so don't have the resources to find out enough about optimization in order to achieve success.

By comparison with traditional advertising seo can be very cost effective.

We believe here at Deeho that SEO should work in harmony with your website, to find out more contact us.

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