Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hosting and SEO

There is a fine balance between getting SEO right and getting it wrong.

Imagine that you are an seo company, who design and host. You have 20 sites that you host and optimize so naturally you host them in one location, on one server don't you?....... from an initial cost basis this seems like the ideal solution, reduced hosting costs, ease of management etc.

The problem with doing this however is when you start to think about the seo implications. Google know that websites on the same server are likely to know each other, and as such it greatly devalues links between two sites on one server. This can explain why a link from a high quality site that you know you have doesn't show very highly in your link stats. This is because by coinsidence you happen to have chosen the same host company. Fasthosts are the Market leaders at least in the UK, and rent out huge lumps of server space to many other companies from whom you rent it. It is much more common than you think.

Tomorrow I will discuss the topic further

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