Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Who should you link with??????

This is an often misunderstood point, but a very important one.

When you set out looking for links it is best to start with your final goal in mind, namely to get into the top ten in Google for your chosen keywords. To do this you need to get lots of links back to your site that Google values as highly as possible. From this we can deduce that getting links on sites that Google doesn't know about will be far less useful to us. It will still help with some of the lesser SE's ....... maybe, but you will spend time for little return.

So you know that you need to get your links onto sites that Google knows about, and preferably ranks well. You can check if they rank well by adding a Google tool bar to your browser. The toolbar will show you the Page Rank as you view each page so you will know that the site will be useful to your link building campaign.

The Page Rank of individual pages can also be useful, but is not vital. Many people get insistent that their link goes on a high PR page within your site, but it is not as important as you might believe. The PR of the sites index page is the most important point to consider.

If you get your links onto sites that Google knows about, which have less than 100 links per page and use your keywords as your link text then eventually you will rank well for those keywords..... simple as that.

The only advantage to specific page PR is that at least you know that the page is spidered and that providing your link is in the top 100 links then the link will count in your favour. If the page has no PR then it may be because it is a new page and needs some time to become established. The point is this, it is easier to get links from people who are starting our with their link building campaigns. You may lack Page Rank initially, and some of the links that you post may even not rank at all, but as the sites improve their page rank and flourish your link will be carried upwards with it. Your links posted today could be on PR 7 and PR 8 sites in a couple of years time, so go for it.

Happy linking

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