Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who should you avoid linking with?

In some ways it is more important which sites you avoid linking with rather than the ones that you actually link with. This is due to the way that Google measures and values each link.

The good news is that Google understands that it is not possible to control every site that links to you, but it does follow patterns closely so if you have undesirable links in any numbers you will be penalised.

So what is an undesirable link? In simple terms a bad link is any link that Google has banned from its listings, in addition certain sites are held in lower esteem than others. These include some if not all gambling sites, most porn sites, warez sites, some free for alls etc.

The moral of the story is to seek out quality links that google values. In addition each of these pages that you add a link to should hopefully contain content similar in subject to your primary link text. That will give your link more relevance improving its value.

In answer to who to avoid, the answer is to avoid any low value sites that Google doesn't value.

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